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Project Background, Weekly Status Reports, Project Map

This is a photograph taken on October 4, 2004 of the road construction on the Sandlake - Galloway road project.


Project Background

The below information is updated from a project briefing to the County Board of Commissioners in early 2001. Portions have been eliminated or updated accordingly for clarity.


The Sandlake Recreational Area is owned and run by the US Forest Service (USFS). As such, they have an interest in seeing access roads to the park kept up. Additionally, they understand that park traffic impacts the maintenance and safety condition of our County roads. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in conjunction with the County, ODOT and USFS proposed improvements to the roads highlighted on the attached vicinity map. The improvements include the following:


The proposed road improvements are being funded by FHWA. Current estimate of the value of the road improvements is approximately $8,500,000. The County’s contribution to the project is acquisition of needed road right of way. The estimated value of acquiring needed project right of way is approximately $1,250,000 (based on similar sized projects).

The County’s right of way acquisition costs are being financed through a loan from the Oregon Transportation Infrastructure Fund (OTIF) at 5% annual interest. There will be 20 annual County payments of $65,833 due June each year paid by the Road Fund. The loan was authorized and set up during the 2000 calendar year through the Board of Commissioners and the Director of Public Works.

Update Early 2003: The total costs for project right of way acquisition were approximately $676,000. The above referenced OTIF loan was renegotiated for the balance of approximately $574,000 consisting of 15 annual remaining payments of $38,600.

Design Development

FHWA hired OBEC Consulting Engineers as the project design engineer. They have been working on project design development for several years. Project environmental clearance was required by the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). As required by NEPA, an Environmental Assessment (EA) was developed over several years meeting federal, state and county requirements. The EA considered many variables including, but not limited to:

Mitigation options were developed to address noted impacts. The end conclusion of the EA process was a Finding of No Significant Impact (FONSI). This approval allowed the project development to continue.

Right-of-Way Acquisition

Most significant road projects with widening and improving to proper standards in varying types of topography require some road right of way acquisitions. It was recognized early on in the project design that Sandlake and Galloway Roads needed to be accurately established for the entire length the project to make the required design improvements. Because of the older historic nature of these two roads and limited availability of and conflicts between road records, it was not possible to retrace the existing right of way to required legal standards.

The process to "correct" a less than accurate right of way to trace an existing physical roadway is called a "legalization". Major portions of Segments 1 and 3 were legalized through a public hearing process by the Board of Commissioners on 1/12/00. Though portions of the roads had records indicating right of ways greater than 40 ft wide, the decision to legalize the right of ways to a uniform 40 feet as a starting point for future right of way acquisitions was decided to reduce controversy and not cause undesired delays with needed pending acquisitions (i.e. this was a simple resolution to a potentially complicated task). The roadway abutting large timber tracts (both federal and private) in Segment 1 and for the Segment 2 roadway along other properties were not legalized as records of the roads status were already well documented.

With the right of way widths for the length of the project now clearly determined, the acquisition process for additional needed right of way beyond the established right of way could begin.

ODOT’S Role in Right-of-Way Acquisition

There are approximately 95 properties along the project from which there are temporary construction and/or permanent public easements required. ODOT Region 2 Right of Way Office was contracted by the County to conduct right of way negotiations for the project representing the County. Typically during other federal-aid type projects in the County (i.e. bridge replacements), ODOT performs right of way acquisition for the County. Tillamook County has a very good working relationship with ODOT in this area.

Part of the $1,250,000 OTIF loan also pays for the ODOT administration fees in addition to actual negotiated values of right of way acquired. See Early 2003 Update above.

Most the 95 right of way dedications were negotiated by ODOT with the property owners during 2001 calendar year. The County Commissioners executed acceptance orders for these dedications.

Water Supply Systems

It was determined that roadway improvements would have direct or indirect impacts on several private water collection systems and wells along the route. FHWA is funding relocation or replacement collection/well systems of these affected properties.

Phasing of Project Construction

The project construction work is split in 2 parts:

The primary contract is Phase 1 with the intent of executing of Phase 2 work simultaneously with Phase 1 (exact timing of work limited by environmental restrictions). Due to a series of environmental constraints, construction work is likely to spread out over the entire span of the project (through 2004).

No Road Closures

There are no complete road closures scheduled during this project. Obviously with a project of this size with a couple of bridge and major culvert replacements, there may be some traffic flow restrictions. There may be a limited number of traffic delays of short duration (possibly up to a several of hours maximum) to allow roadway transitions to planned detour bridges and such. Where required, the public and local residence will be given advance notice of any scheduled delays.

Key Players

The key players that have help to bring this project to its current status (as of 2/02) and others that will carry forward project details are listed below. Several have participated in the past public meetings on this project. As the project continues some the following names might be often mentioned:

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Weekly Status Reports

These are Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) news releases documenting the project progress status.  All news releases are in the PDF format.

2002, 2003, 2004, 2005


11/04/05 FHWA News Release

10/28/05 FHWA News Release

10/20/05 FHWA News Release

10/6/05 FHWA News Release Photo1 This week the photo is one of Elte's employees digging out material to accommodate a highway monument.

9/29/05 FHWA News Release Photo1 Photo2 This week the photo shows the nifty concrete curb machine used to pour some of the curbs before being rained out. The other photo is our paving in the home stretch headed for Three Capes Intersection.

9/22/05 FHWA News Release Photo1 Photo2 WHOOPEE! No more gravel, we have pavement down and its looking good. The one photo is start of paving on the final lift of asphalt at the Highway 101 intersection. The other photo shows the Rexius employee building an erosion barrier constructed with organic material to prevent water going over the slope and thus redirecting to a rock lined down drain.

9/16/05 FHWA News Release Photo1 Photo2 This weeks photos show the installation of the membrane onto Sandlake Creek Bridge and the first lane of pavement laid down on Wednesday.

09/08/05 FHWA News Release Photo1 Photo2 The good and the bad news. Good news, asphalt pavement next week, bad news traffic control on Saturday. The first photo shows the old plank road that once served as Sandlake Road. We had to remove the planks and then the underlying mud. The second photo illustrates how fast nature can recover after construction. The area was under construction last year and now we have a lush growth of wetland vegetation.

09/01/05 FHWA News Release Photo1 Photo2  The photos are of Grading "D" base rock going down and guardrail being finished.

08/25/05 FHWA News Release Photo1 Photo2 The photos show the slide being reshaped and more subexcavation.

08/18/05 FHWA News Release Photo1 Photo2 This weeks photos show one of the soft locations requiring subexcavation and a view back towards Highway 101 of the newly completed subgrade.

08/11/05 FHWA News Release Photo1 Photo2 Another week of sun and progress. The photos are of the half roadway we opened on the new alignment this week so we can remove the old and build the other new half and of the dust before water treatment.

08/04/05 FHWA News Release Photo1 Photo2 This week's photos are more dirt moving from this week and the great looking rock-lined ditches that are being constructed to bring down water from the runoff ditches placed at the top of the slopes.

07/27/05 FHWA News Release Photo1 Photo2 The two photos show the rock in place where the old slide was and a lot of construction activity that was on going this week.

07/21/05 FHWA News Release Photo1 Photo2 This weeks photos show equipment working the first cut just off Highway 101. The material is a hard blue clay that needs a cat with a ripper tooth to break it up so scrapers can load it out. The other photo is wood and junk found at the first culvert location west of Highway 101 that is in fact a replacement of one that has nearly rusted into dust. From information given by local residents it seems that when they went to install this culvert originally the hole was filled in with all the wood chunks and logs they could find instead of dirt. So years later to replace this culvert here we are having to go down 6-feet removing rotten woody debris before finding acceptable soil to backfill upon.

07/14/05 FHWA News Release Photo1 Photo2 This week the weather has improved and the contractor is taking full advantage of the sunshine. The first photo is the scraper show in action which started up yesterday afternoon. The other photo is construction of the rock lined ditch.

06/30/05 FHWA News Release  Photo1 Photo2 This weeks photos are work in progress in the 3.1 Mile Post location and a car that tried unsuccessfully to elude the Sheriff's Deputy this morning. According to accounts on the scene the driver was late for a traffic court appearance when the deputy noticed this vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed. He took in pursuit, and we understand this driver hit speeds of 90 mph before losing control and finding a soft dirt pile was either his nemesis or savoir depending on the perspective one takes.

06/23/05 FHWA News Release Photo1 Photo2 Work started this week and the two photos reflect that startup.

06/09/05 FHWA News Release

06/02/05 FHWA News Release

05/25/05 FHWA News Release

05/18/05 FHWA News Release Photo1 Photo2

05/11/05 FHWA News Release Photo1

05/05/05 FHWA News Release Photo1 Photo2

04/27/05 FHWA News Release

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12/08/04 FHWA News Release Photo1 Photo2 "Likely this week is the last week for traffic control for this year. The two photos show the equipment and application of the product called Rexius onto a slope that is having erosion problems. As this is a new product and utilizes both green waste and wood waste mixed with what Rexius calls "Micro-Blend" we are hoping the companies claims are true and it can prevent and control erosion."

12/02/04 FHWA News Release Photo1 "This week's photo, only one this week, shows the slope cover in place. To judge the size of this cover look at the man in the middle of the slope, yes it's a worker and not stick."

11/24/04 FHWA News Release Photo1 Photo2 "Happy Thanksgiving from the staff here at Sandlake, we hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable holiday. The photos are of the slope being covered in plastic."

11/19/04 FHWA News Release Photo1 Photo2 "The two photos are of today's paving underway, cold and at times wet."

11/10/04 FHWA News Release  Photo1 Photo2 "...pavement is coming next week, no more gravel roads for awhile. The photos show our guardrail crew Coral Construction busy on the rail and what the new rail looks like along the high slope."

11/04/04 FHWA News Release  Photo1 Photo2 "This week's photos are the rock crushing operation in Kimber Quarry and Nuclear testing of the rock for compaction."

10/28/04 FHWA News Release Photo1 Photo2 "This weeks photos depict just who things are looking with the new ditch and rock lined ditch."

10/21/04 FHWA News Release  "...this week has been wet and with that a slow down on what can be accomplished. The two photos this week highlight Alpine Construction relaying the utility lines that were in the way of construction and the one big log we found. That log was located during the utility work and extended under the roadway. It seems that when this road was originally constructed timber value not being what it is today found it easier to just bury this old fir log. The log was as good as the day it was buried, a sound fir still smelling of pitch." Photo1 Photo2

10/14/04 FHWA News Release "...more progress as long as the sun shines. However, that progress comes at a price, getting traffic and trucks around in clay soils. The two photos might give a taste of the difficulty this causes."  Photo1 Photo2

10/07/04 FHWA News Release Photo1 Photo2 of  construction underway near Mile Post 2.6. Even with rain in the forecast with the first layer of rock down we can continue with the others.

10/01/04 FHWA News Release Photo1 Photo2 The photos this week depict the paint crew laying down pavement markings on Sandlake Road and our paver working under less than ideal conditions.

09/24/04 FHWA News Release Photo1 and Photo2 are from paving this week by Road & Driveways. Galloway Road has catch basins that when paved around them means a hand working the asphalt around each of them.

09/16/04 FHWA News Release Photo1 (shows "is the local area concrete cutter cutting the asphalt to prepare it for removal to allow both the placement of the bridge membrane and new pavement over the bridge segment") + Photo2 (shows "the contractor's 245 excavator loading material that is being hauled and used in those large fills").

09/10/04 FHWA News Release  Photo1 (shows "one of the contractor's self loading scrapers being helped along with a cat") + Photo2 (shows "the interesting gadget our paving company has made to lay down a sloped shoulder and roll the shoulder all in one effort. It actually works.")

09/01/04 FHWA News Release  Photo1 (shows "Monday's seeding and mulch operation") + Photo2 (is the "last in fish stream culvert being installed").

08/26/04 FHWA News Release  Photo1 (shows "the geotextile going down under the rock borrow") + Photo2 (is the two layer geogrid system with the select borrow rock going over it).

08/17/04 FHWA News Release  Photo1 (shows "shows the contractor getting his compactor unit out of the mud after vandals ran this and another compactor off the road during the weekend") + Photo2 (shows "activity in the next section we are trying to get under pavement").

08/12/04 FHWA News Release  Photo1 (shows "paving now taking place") + Photo2 (the tester about to grab a hot asphalt from the roadway using a metal pan).

08/05/04 FHWA News Release  Photo1 (shows "the subcontractor Cascade Bridge pouring concrete for the box culvert inlet.") + Photo2 (The excavation you see uncovers the problem we have been dealing with since starting excavation in June 2003, layers and pockets of this soft blue clay. The photo was taken this week on the hill portion of this job.).

07/29/04 FHWA News Release Photo1 (shows "excavation beginning at the box culvert getting it ready for the poured in place end section") + Photo2 (shows the roller incident. Note the clean method the contractor has isolated the stream from the work area using steel plates pushed into the ground.)

07/22/04 FHWA News Release  Photo1 (shows "the new stream channel ready for water") + Photo2 (shows equipment working to install one of the deep culverts).

07/15/04 FHWA News Release Photo1 (shows one of the many culverts installed, this one install with a concrete headwalls) + Photo2 (shows the surprise of running into water in section that had no water previously).

07/08/04 FHWA News Release Photo The photo this week shows the different layers of clay under the old road and construction of the new roadway using geogrid and geotextile combined to form a mat for the rock placement. The photo was reduced is in download size for posting on the web. You can email Chuck at FHWA directly through his email address at the bottom of the new release to receive the larger digital image.

07/01/04 FHWA News Release

06/24/04 FHWA News Release

06/17/04 FHWA News Release

06/09/04 FHWA News Release

06/03/04 FHWA News Release

05/27/04 FHWA News Release

05/21/04 FHWA News Release

05/13/04 FHWA News Release

05/06/04 FHWA News Release

04/30/04 FHWA News Release

04/23/04 FHWA News Release

04/19/04 FHWA News Release

04/15/04 News article (courtesy of Headlight Herald)

04/12/04 FHWA News Release

04/05/04 FHWA News Release

03/29/04 FHWA News Release

03/22/04 FHWA News Release

03/15/04 FHWA News Release

03/08/04 FHWA News Release

03/01/04 FHWA News Release

02/23/04 FHWA News Release

02/16/04 FHWA News Release

02/09/04 FHWA News Release

02/02/04 FHWA News Release

01/26/04 FHWA News Release

01/19/04 FHWA News Release

01/12/04 FHWA News Release

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12/22/03 FHWA News Release

12/15/03 FHWA News Release

12/08/03 FHWA News Release

12/01/03 FHWA News Release

11/20/03 FHWA News Release

11/13/03 FHWA News Release

11/07/03 FHWA News Release

10/31/03 FHWA News Release

10/27/03 FHWA News Release

10/20/03 FHWA News Release

10/13/03 FHWA News Release

10/06/03 FHWA News Release

09/29/03 FHWA News Release

09/22/03 FHWA News Release

09/15/03 FHWA News Release

09/08/03 FHWA News Release

09/01/03 FHWA News Release

08/18/03 FHWA News Release

08/11/03 FHWA News Release

08/04/03 FHWA News Release

07/28/03 FHWA News Release

07/21/03 FHWA News Release

07/14/03 FHWA News Release

07/07/03 FHWA News Release

06/30/03 FHWA News Release

06/23/03 FHWA News Release

06/16/03 FHWA News Release

06/09/03 FHWA News Release

06/02/03 FHWA News Release

05/26/03 FHWA News Release

05/19/03 FHWA News Release

05/12/03 FHWA News Release

05/05/03 FHWA News Release

04/28/03 FHWA News Release

04/21/03 FHWA News Release

04/14/03 FHWA News Release

04/07/03 FHWA News Release

03/31/03 FHWA News Release

03/24/03 FHWA News Release

03/17/03 FHWA News Release

03/10/03 FHWA News Release

03/03/03 FHWA News Release

02/24/03 FHWA News Release

02/18/03 FHWA News Release

02/10/03 FHWA News Release

01/27/03 FHWA News Release

01/20/03 FHWA News Release

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12/23/02 FHWA News Release

12/16/02 FHWA News Release

12/02/02 FHWA News Release

11/25/02 FHWA News Release

11/4/02 FHWA News Release

10/14/02 FHWA News Release

10/7/02 FHWA News Release

09/30/02 FHWA News Release

09/23/02 FHWA News Release

09/16/02 FHWA News Release

09/9/02 FHWA News Release

09/6/02 News Release (Road Project Time Line)

09/2/02 FHWA News Release

Galloway Road Bridge Detour (looking to the West)
Galloway Road Bridge Detour (looking to the East)

08/26/02 FHWA News Release

08/19/02 FHWA News Release

08/12/02 FHWA News Release

08/5/02 FHWA News Release

07/29/02 FHWA News Release

07/23/02 Sub-contractors for the Project

07/22/02 FHWA News Release

07/19/02 News Release (Contractor Pre-Construction meeting)

06/28/02 News Release (Contractor Notice To Proceed)

04/19/02 News Release (Project Bid status)

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