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General Information, Schedule, Weekly Updates

This is a photograph of the subexcavation of Blaine Road.

All photographs are provided by Chuck Mikkola, Project Manager. 

General Information

About the Project

The Bureau of Land Management, approved by Tillamook County, is improving Blaine Road to become an egress (exit route) for the county in case of an emergency.  They are rebuilding, widening, and repaving the road to current standards.  Whenever possible, they are moving utilities out of the road right-of-way, improving the drainage systems, and re-sloping the adjacent hillsides.

Project Administration

Manager:  Chuck Mikkola - Federal Highway Administration

Contractor:  Michael T. Moore - High Desert Aggregate & Paving Inc.

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3/10/08 - Start date

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Weekly Updates

10/29/09- Newsletter 50

10/29/09- Newsletter 49

10/22/09- Newsletter 48

10/15/09- Newsletter 47

10/08/09- Newsletter 46

10/05/09- Newsletter 45

09/24/09- Newsletter 44

09/17/09 - Newsletter 43

09/03/09 - Newsletter 42

08/28/09 - Newsletter 41

08/20/09 - Newsletter 40

08/13/09 - Newsletter 39

08/06/09 - Newsletter 38

07/23/09 - Newsletter 36

07/17/09 - Newsletter 35

07/09/09 - Newsletter 34

11/14/08 - Newsletter 33  Last Newsletter of the year.

10/30/08 - Newsletter 32

10/30/08 - Newsletter 31  

10/24/08 - Newsletter 30

10/17/08 - Newsletter 29  Chuck Mikola is trying out a combined format photo and newsletter on one page to get some feed back.  Are you able to access this page with photo? 

10/03/08 - Newsletter 27, Photo 1, Photo 2 The first photo is minor asphalt paving in front of Kostic's farm.  Thankfully this minor paving is not the final lift as you will notice the crew has parked the roller on the hot pavement while they take a break, a real no-no as it leaves a depression from the rollers in the mat.  The other photo is a rock lined ditch, this one is just past the fire station on the left, and looks dam good.

09/26/08 - Newsletter 26, Photo 1, Photo 2 This weeks photos include a visit from "Darth Vader" (aka - sweeping mud) and rock finally going down on one of the realignment segments.

09/19/08 - Newsletter 25, Photo 1, Photo 2 This week good progress (no rain) on the job.  The first photo is a sample of the outlet riprap work done on the job this one is at 11+486 near Moon Creek.  The second photo is subgrade under construction in front of the MSE wall at Kostic's farm.

09/12/08 - Newsletter 24, Photo 1, Photo 2 These are photos of Wake Creek Culvert, the last culvert on the job. The first photo is our riprap inlet. It will receive plants later this fall to blend into a natural setting. Photo 2 shows the baffles and their function even during low stream flow conditions.

09/05/08 - Newsletter 23, Photo 1, Photo 2 The first photo is Wake Creek Culvert showing the plates being added to close off the culvert so temporary backfill can be added and get the road open to traffic.  The other photo is MSE wall No. 2 that is just east of Kostic's farm and will provide support for the east access road.

08/29/08 - Newsletter 22, Photo 1, Photo 2 The first photo is MSE Wall No. 2 beginning to go up.  Photo two illustrates that when the river is nearly adjacent to the work you do what you need to do in order to contain sediment.  I know it looks like a ball of snakes but it worked.  The water flow coming from the culvert is clean.  The water flow was stopped and diverted later to allow installation of the metal end section and then finished out with riprap.

08/22/08 - Newsletter 21, Photo 1, Photo 2 This week the photos show that even the project engineer and HD get stuck in traffic lines along with an endless fleet of trucks, also how the HD even temporarily protects runnoff from coming from short term stockpiles.

08/15/08 - Newsletter 20, Photo 1, Photo 2  Another week goes by. This week the two photos are of MSE Wall No. 3 under construction this week. The first photo is more of an overview. The second photo shows the culvert cutout starting to be formed in that 3rd row. The one employee is using it as a step in the photo. A change on this wall is the first two rows will have riprap placed in front, thus and thereby bringing the riprap up to the outlet elevation of the culvert.

08/08/08 - Newsletter 19, Photo 1, Photo 2 the photos this week show the base constructions for MSE wall #3 in the canyon. The other photo, although difficult to see, shows where at sometime in the past a metal culvert was installed directly on top of a concrete culvert. The interesting part of this is the metal culver must have been installed either as an overflow pipe or perhaps in place of the concrete pipe but now the metal pipe is plugged and the lower concrete pipe has the water flow.

08/01/08 - Newsletter 18, Photo 1, Photo 2 This weeks photos show the mother of all boulders which was found in the temporary driveway and how the MSE wall is progressing.

07/25/08 - Newsletter 17, Photo 1, Photo 2 I included a before and after of the slide location. The first shows what a nearly dry hole looks like after the water started to flow from all directions into the hole, most of which was coming from the hillside as well as the mud. The second photo is what the site looked like today. As I said in the newsletter the rocks were large and with a rock ledge behind the boulders the front face lacks what we would normally like to see that of a smooth well contoured surface.

07/18/08 - Newsletter 16, Photo 1, Photo 2 The first MSE wall continues to grow as you can see in the photo. The second photo is the milling machine brought in by HD for the canyon section. All the sub excavation milling should be complete this week.

07/10/08 - Newsletter 15, Photo 1, Photo 2 The photos are of the first MSE wall under construction. The photo shows up close the amount of labor needed to assemble this wall.

07/02/08 - Newsletter 14, Photo 1, Photo 2 The one photo illustrates working to install riprap at one of the culverts in preparation to installing the metal outlet end. Note the install was done in a manner to keep as much vegetation intact as possible, thanks to operator you see in the picture.  The other photo shows we are finding some water in the cut bank at Kostic’s MSE wall. The temporary ditch is only there to divert any flow into the installed drain system which is further downhill for now.

06/25/08 - Newsletter 13, Photo 1, Photo 2 First photo is the MSE wall foundation and its underdrain. We need the drain as you can see we already have water seeping out of the hill. The second photo shows some of the boulders coming out of the hill, like giant marbles.

6/20/08 - Newsletter 12, Photo 1, Photo 2 Photos this week show the confined working conditions and the start of the MSE wall foundation rock.

6/12/08 - Newsletter 11, Photo 1, Photo 2 This week's photos are of the under drain work and culvert end section.

6/4/08 - Newsletter 10, Photo 1, Photo 2 The first photo is the crew working on fence construction, Bill Durbin the project superintendent is giving the other two some pointers on building fence. The second photo illustrates perhaps a typical problem, a new culvert we just installed that replaced an existing culvert that relies on a “Hodge podge” of culverts to reach the river. At one time the field had an open ditch, but to benefit farming it was filled in and culverts installed. In this location we have a short section of 24” diameter culvert that from what we can see funnels down into two 6” diameter culverts. To finish up construction at this location the short section of 24” culvert (very rusty) will be removed the two 6” pipes will be cut back to the right of way line. This will leave enough room between the road culvert and the farm culverts for cleaning and should the 6” culverts plug or not carry high flows the stream has an outlet rather than backing up.

5/29/08 - Newsletter 9, Photo 1, Photo 2

5/21/08 - Newsletter 8, Photo 1, Photo 2 The two photos this week still focus on the subexcavation.  The first photo shows the pavement milling machine High Desert is using to grind up the asphalt down 3 inches.  The second photo shows how congested the work site can get.

5/15/08 - Newsletter 7, Photo 1, Photo 2 The first photo shows Kimber Quarry and the disposal location.  The second photo shows some of the subexcavation work.

5/8/08 - Newsletter 6, Photo 1, Photo 2 The first photo is the start of the subexcavation.  The other is of Embarq which had one of their contractors (USI) busy installing temporary cable around the construction sites.

5/1/08 - Newsletter 5

4/23/08 - Newsletter 4

4/18/08 - Newsletter 3, Photo 1, Photo 2 The first photo is of the Rexius wattle.  The second photo shows the filter berm being installed.

4/15/08 - 4/18/08 Rexius Sustainable Solutions is scheduled to place the first series of Eco-Berms (alternative to silt fence) on the Blaine Road project.

4/10/08 -  Newsletter 2

4/3/08 - Newsletter 1

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