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A violation is not criminal charge. Sentencing consists of fines, with the maximum, minimum, and presumptive fines set by statute. Some cases involve suspension of driving privileges. There is no right to a jury trial or a court appointed attorney. The State must prove violations by a preponderance of evidence, meaning it is more likely than not that the violation occurred. The Oregon Evidence Code applies in trials. Some tickets can be dismissed by the court clerk, if they are equipment or license related matters.  There is a $25 court administrative fee. 

There are three choices on what to do with a ticket, plea not guilty and have a trial, plea no contest and explain the circumstances of the ticket, or plea no contest and pay the presumptive fine amount. If you plea not guilty and have a trial, it can be done in person in person or by affidavit. At a in person trial, a person can question witnesses, enter evidence and testify. Witnesses can be ordered to appear through a subpoena. A person is not required to present any evidence. If a person elects to have a trial by affidavit, both parties will submit affidavits to the court. The decision of the judge will be based on the submitted affidavits. If convicted at trial, a person can appeal the case to the circuit court. 

A no contest plea means a person is not contesting the charge and results in a conviction. If you explain the circumstances of the ticket, the court can lower the fine or increase the fine. If you enter a plea of no contest and opt to pay the fine amount prior to the first hearing date, the court will normally impose the presumptive fine amount.

To receive reports discovery, including reports, recordings, and other information, a person must contact the agency issuing the citation. 

If a fine is imposed, it can be paid by cash, check, debit or credit card, or a payment plan. Failing to appear in court, or failing to pay a fine can result in suspension of driving privileges and money owed being assigned to a collection agency.

Spanish Traffic Court, first Tuesday of each month, 4 p.m.  An interpreter is available. Judge Denise Harrington presides.  She is fluent in Spanish.

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