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How much is the fine on a violationFines are set by the Legislature, which has established a minimum and a maximum fine for each category of ticket.  The court has discretion to impose a fine amount between the maximum and minimum. However, the court cannot go below the minimum or above the maximum.

Do I have to pay all of the fine now? Any fine imposed becomes due immediately, but you can enter into a payment plan with the court. There is a finance charge for the fine payment plan. Be aware, the court does not send monthly billing to people on payment plans; it is the responsibility of the person to make payments. Failure to comply with payment plans can result in fines being sent to a collection agency, and, in some cases, suspension of driving privileges.  

Do you have traffic school or diversion? No. We don't have those options. 

Can I change my court date? If you contact the court prior to your court date, the judge can allow the date to be changed.

Can I change my ticket to another court?  No. You have to have the ticket decided in the court in which you were cited to appear.

Do you have Spanish court?  Yes, usually the first Tuesday of each month at 4 p.m. Judge Denise Harrington conducts the court in Spanish.  We have a Spanish speaking bailiff and clerk. 

What if I don't pay the ticket or show up in court? The court can find you guilty by default impose a fine. Failure to appear can also result in suspension of driving privileges, and fines being sent to a collection agency.

Can I get a court appointed lawyer?  No. Tickets in Justice Court are violations and not crimes.  As there is no penalty of jail time, you don't get a court appointed lawyer.  You can hire your own lawyer. The Oregon State Bar offers reduced fee legal advice services.

What do I need for a wedding at the courthouse?  You will need a marriage license issued by a county clerk in Oregon.  There is normally a three day waiting period, but the county clerk may waive that time.  You also need to bring two adult witnesses (age 18 or older).  You are welcome to take pictures, and bring flowers, friends, and relatives.   Please call the court clerk to schedule a time for your wedding. (503) 842.3416. 

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