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2017 EOP

2017 EOP
Letter of Promulgation
Structural Protection Checklist

Appendix A - Sample Disaster Declaration Forms
Oregon Damage Assessment Forms Cover Sheet
Individual Assistance Field Form
Individual Assistance Team Assignments Form
Individual Assistance Initial Damage Assessment Collection Form
Initial Damage Assessment County Summary Form
Initial Damage Assessment Data Collection Form - Public Infrastructure
Individual Assistance initial Damage Assessment and Preliminary Damage Assessment Calculation and Summary Form
Preliminary Assessment Local Site Estimate Form
Preliminary Damage Assessment Summary Report Form
Public Infrastructure Guidelines and Categories
Estimated Disaster Economic Injury Worksheet for Businesses

Appendix B - Incident Command System Forms
ICS 201
ICS 202
ICS 203
ICS 204
ICS 205
ICS 205A
ICS 206
ICS 207
ICS 208
ICS 209
ICS 210
ICS 211
ICS 213
ICS 214
ICS 215
ICS 215A
ICS 218
ICS 219
ICS 220
ICS 221
ICS 225

Appendix C - Emergency Operations Center Position Checklists
Air Operations Branch Director
Communications Unit Leader
Compensation Claims Unit Leader
Cost Unit Leader
Demobilization Unit Leader
Division Group Supervisor
Documentation Unit Leader
Facilities Unit Leader
Finance Administration Section Chief
Food Unit Leader
Ground Support Unit Leader
Incident Commander
Liaison Officer
Logistics Section Chief
Medical Unit Leader
Operations Branch Director
Operations Section Chief
Planning Section Chief
Procurement Unit Leader
Public Information Officer
Resources Unit Leader
Safety Officer
Service Branch Director
Situation Unit Leader
Staging Area Manager
Strike Team Task Force Leader
Supply Unit Leader
Support Branch Director
Technical Specialists
Time Unit Leader

Appendix D - Incident Action Plan Forms
ICS 200
ICS 202
ICS 204
ICS 205
ICS 205A
ICS 206
ICS 207
ICS 213
ICS 220
ICS 230

Appendix E - Agreements and MOUs
American Red Cross Cascades Region and Tillamook County
Mass Casualty Incident Plan

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