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Cape Kiwanda is located within the Pacific City-Woods area; the largest unincorporated community on the Oregon Coast and a vibrant community with up-scale shops and eateries interspersed along the coastal strip and banks of the Big Nestucca River. In addition to a number of resorts, motels, RV Parks, vacation rentals and campgrounds, there are many second homes. Just to the north of the Cape is the residential community of Tierra Del Mar. Although physically separated from Pacific City-Woods by the Cape, it is an important part of the community.

Cape Kiwanda is one of the most popular recreational destinations in Tillamook County, if not the entire north Oregon coast.  It is home to the world famous Pacific City Dory Fleet. Over the past ten years, Cape Kiwanda has seen a surge in tourism, particularly during the peak summer months. While visitors are an integral element of the local economy, Cape Kiwanda’s transportation facilities, infrastructure and the environment are under increasing pressure.  Traffic congestion, beach safety, a lack of adequate parking and restrooms, and garbage are among the issues that degrade the visitor experience and impact the quality of life of local residents. On any given day, the population of the Pacific City-Woods area can increase by a factor of 10.

Tillamook County has prepared the Cape Kiwanda Master Plan (September 2016) for Tourism-Related Facilities for Cape Kiwanda that identified ways to improve facilities and infrastructure that will:

            ◊   Protect the beauty and natural resource values within and surrounding the community.
            ◊   Minimize and mitigate the adverse effects of visitors within the community.
            ◊   Improve visitor experiences and encourage longer stays.
            ◊   Attract new visitors during off-peak and “shoulder” seasons.

In developing the Master Plan, a Community Advisory Committee met twice to review and discuss key aspects and community members actively participated in three Community Meetings. As part of the planning process, the Cape Kiwanda Master Plan for Tourism Related Facilities - Existing and Planned Conditions Report (January 2016) and Appendix 4. Cape Kiwanda Roadway Study (February 2015) were developed.

Although the general planning area is quite expansive, the focus of the Master Plan is the area west of the Big Nestucca between Cape Kiwanda and the intersection of Pacific Avenue and Cape Kiwanda Drive, including 8 largely contiguous parcels in public ownership consisting of approximately 284 acres.

The Master Plan has three recommended phases:  

PHASE 1 (2017-2018):

•   Require a Fee to Park in County Parking Lots

•   Parking Management Plan

•   Trash Compactor and Recycling Program at Cape Kiwanda Parking Lot

•   New Restrooms at Cape Kiwanda Parking Lot

PHASE 2 (2019-2021):

•   Cape Kiwanda Drive Pedestrian, Bicycle and Roadway Improvements

•   Parking Shuttle

•   New Restrooms at Turnaround Lot

PHASE 3 (2022-2027):

•   Relocate Webb Park / Construct New Parking Lot


The Cape Kiwanda Master Plan implementation process is in full swing. The Steering Committee, which represents a diverse cross-section of public and private stakeholders in the Cape Kiwanda area, is thoughtfully guiding this process.

Parking Management Plan


For more information, please contact Rachel Hagerty at (503) 842-3404 or

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