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Data from 10/1/2019 - 3/22/2021 (MS Excel )

Note: If you are getting a login screen when trying to save the file. Please hit cancel and it should allow you to save the file above. Thanks!

See Additional Information*  below.

How to Order a Custom Sales Data Report.

Sales Report last Updated  Thursday, April 01, 2021

Report Heading Definitions:

MA (Maintenance Area): A number from 1 through 10 that identifies specific geographical areas of the County.  Click HERE to go to the table of definitions.

SA (Study Area): Click HERE to go to the table of definitions.

NH (Neighborhood Area): Codes that further define Maintenance Areas into smaller groups that identify complementary land uses where properties are homogeneous.  Click HERE to go to the table of definitions.

RMV Class:  Highest and best use Property Class Code, used for trending purposes.  Click HERE to go to the table of definitions.

Stat Class:  Defines type of structure and use. For residential and manufactured structures stat class definitions, click HERE .  For commercial and industrial stat class definitions, please click HERE.

House Class Specifications
House Class:  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8 
Manufactured Structures:  4   5   6   7   8 

Yr Blt and Eff Yr Blt:  Year built data for accounts showing a "Year Built" or  "Effective Year Built" of 0, 1699, 1700, or 1900 are not accurate and should be verified by checking the appraisal inventory in the Assessment Office.

Liv Area:  All floors finished living area.

Final Sale Price:  Value reflects any adjustments to stated consideration on the deed to value attributed to personal property (i.e. crops, timber, furnishings) included in sale.

Qualification (Reject) Codes:  Sales are coded to determine if they qualify for use in the annual sales ratio analysis and the online Sales Report Spreadsheet.  Click HERE to go to the table of definitions.

Multiple: True indicates there were multiple tax accounts included in this sale. False only one lot was included in the sale. Only primary account information is listed on sales report. 

*Additional Information:

This Sales Data Report has been run to include sales entered into our system for approximately 18 months through the date noted in the URL of the Excel spreadsheet.  Sales data is usually entered approximately 2 to 6 weeks after the Recorded Date.

ALSO, this data only includes sales that are deemed to be open market arms-length transactions.  Additional sales data may be available which is not used in the report.

ALSO, sales used in the report may include transactions that consist of more than one tax map number.  These sales will display only physical characteristics from the primary account on the sales data spreadsheet.  Map numbers and physical characteristics of additional accounts involved in the sale may be obtained through Assessor Office records.

Custom Sales Data Reports are also available by contacting the Sales Data Analyst in our office (See link above.)

For further information, please contact the Assessor.

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