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Photo of Garibaldi Boat BasinProperty Assessment

Real Property
(Information Circular from the Department of Revenue):

General Information on Real Property Assessment and Taxation. Adobe P D F

Changed Property Ratio Adobe P D F

Personal Property

(Information Circulars from the Department of Revenue):
General Information on Personal Property Assessment and Taxation
and Valuation Guidelines for 2020/21 (Adobe P D F).

Business Personal Property Video produced by the Oregon Association of County Tax Collectors

Personal Property Return: 2021, 2020, 2019,

Industrial Property

Real Property Return: 2021

Manufactured Structures
(Information Circulars from the Department of Revenue):
General Information on Manufactured Structures Assessment and Taxation Adobe P D F

Manufactured Structures Ownership Change

Effective March 22, 2018 the Tillamook County Assessorís Office will no longer be processing applications for Manufactured Home Ownership changes.  All transactions for transferring ownership of a manufactured home will be handled by the State of Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services Building Codes Division. 

Please visit to find forms and contact information for the MHODS team. 

ORS 446.641 still requires property taxes be paid.  The Tillamook County Assessorís Office will still provide the Tax Certifications, upon request, if all taxes are paid for Manufactured Home properties undergoing an ownership transfer.

Farm and Forestland
(Information Circulars from the Department of Revenue):
Assessment of Farmland in an Exclusive Farm-Use Zone, Adobe P D F
Assessment of Farmland Not in an Exclusive Farm-Use Zone, Adobe P D F
Non-EFU Farmland Application Adobe P D F

Forestland Special Assessments - Information CircularAdobe P D F
Forestland Program Information - DOR Website
Timber Tax Publications 
Forestland Applications/Timber Tax Forms

Damaged or Destroyed Property Due to Fire or Act of God
If your property has been damaged or destroyed, you may be eligible for a tax proration.  Per ORS 308.425, if the damage or destruction is due to fire or Act of God, you can file an application with our office to have your tax prorated.  For damaged properties, the property is inspected to determine the amount of damage before repairs, and taxes are prorated for the number of months until repairs are complete or until the end of the current tax year, whichever is earlier.  If eligible and not repaired, the maximum assessed value of your property may also be adjusted the following tax year based on the damage or destruction.

Additional InformationAdobe P D F
Application Adobe P D F

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